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For over the years,

We provide High quality & professional services for multiple customers in various industries and segments

Our History
ATLAN SECURITY & SYSTEMS was established as a partnership of a team of committed, experienced engineers and consultants in 2014. We were registered as a business in Uganda in 2017.
Over the years, we have specialised in the customization and execution of solutions ranging from security, communications, alarm system, access controls and full home and business automation.

We offer a range of different security, communication, automation solutions including CCTV cameras, access control systems, intruder alarms, full home automation with sliding and swing gates, electric and razor fencing using state-of-the are technology, good quality products from known manufacturers to ensure the maximum in safety and security for your business and home. While installing any of these solutions, we want to reduce and optimise your costs by helping you integrate most of these services together.

Our Innovative Solutions to serve you better
Over the years, there has been much technology advancement in the way we secure our businesses and home, from analog cameras to network cameras.
At ATLAN SECURITY & SYSTEMS our catalogue of solutions is designed to serve different needs, from alarms for businesses and homes to the reduction and optimization of costs, for this we aim to integrate different systems to help our clients reduce the unknown loss and/ or improve perimeter protection not overlooking technology advancements and quality.
Why choose us
We offer security solutions with a fexible non-investment initial payment plan. Our team of dedicated proffessional experts is qualified to develop integral security plans for the large industry, and or custom security systems for small businesses and homes offering our customers peace of mind, profitability and reliability in all our solutions.

High Security Services

  • Mobile Guarding
  • Remote Guarding
  • Electronic Security
  • Integrated Guarding
  • Fire and Safety Services
  • On-site Guarding

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Making Your Life Easy

We provide customized home security & automation solutions to help protect your people and property.
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Our Skills

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Security Consulting
Ratail Security
Alarm Response
Door Supervising
Who we serve
Our client's portfolio consists of different types of accounts, Large, Medium and Small profiles made up of companies, homes and businesses in Uganda and within the region. These include, buildings, supermarkets, apartments, pharmacies, jewellery stores, retail chains, restuarants, industrial ware houses, hotels and many more.

We Install, Maintain & Protect

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