Automatic Swing Gates

For swing gates, be it new or existing, we can fully automate it accessible by a touch of a button on your remote transmitter within a distance of up to 200m regardless of the direction.
In case of breakdown, a system manual override can be done, and our experienced technical team will always be on alert in case of any breakdown.  Our swing gate systems include;

  • 2 swing gate operators
  • 2 remote transmitters
  • Control panel
  • Throb light
  • Isolator
  • 2 manual over ride keys

At Atlan Security & Systems, we provide  swing gate operators that can control gate weight of up to 500kg with a width of up to 3 meters.

We offer a 1 year free maintenance service on all our installed systems to ascertain safety of the users and smooth long term running of the gate system.

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