Fencing Systems

Electric Fencing
Electric fencing systems are installed with an energizer with a battery backup which is used to run a current across the entire fencing same way powering the strobe light and siren that go off should the fence be breached in anyway by intrusion, short circuit or wire cut.
The electric fence energizer will amplify the current to over 3000v of current which is non-lethal but repulsive enough to keep away the intruder thereby offering  the most effective 24 hour protection, an intruder is electrocuted with a non-lethal repulsive mega shock in the meantime, the alarm is set off to alert guards or anyone home or drive away the intruder.

Razor Wire
For Razor wire, is a barrier which most security professionals know and trust, it is a low cost fencing system that is designed to prevent intruders along perimeter walls. Most intruders avoid coming in to contact with razor wires because of the sharpness of the razor blades which can inflict vicious and multiple cuts on human fresh. Our Razor Wires are available in;

  • 400mm diameter in 8 meters long ripper coils
  • 700mm diameter in 10 meters long ripper coils

Palisade Fencing
Comprising of robust vertical galvanized steel pales secured to the horizontal rails to form panels that mount on steel, usually installed on government institutions or businesses where full view by public is necessary.
This fencing can also be customized to selected homes who do not need a lot of privacy.

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