Access Control

An Access Control System will protect and grant access to and from your premises, office, restricted areas through a controlled pre-installed system after performance on authentication and user checks.
Access and restrictions can be by a set of devices or a device controlling personnel or vehicular access through a door, portal or other physical control barriers by means of electricity and magnetism. Some of these devices may include; finger print biometric readers, digital combination lock (Password code reader), proximity Access control (Card reader), Iris reader devices among others.

ZKT Biometric System
Relatively priced Time & Attendance and access control terminal which uses the latest face, finger print recognition and card reading algorithm and streamlined technology. The ZKT Biometric System is an innovative biometric fingerprint, facial recognition and card reader access control system. It has high-performance firmware functions and compact design, user friendly graphical user interface with flexible user privilege settings for multi-level management with a finger print capacity of up to 3000 users.

Sharp and accurate Iris scanning capability will permit or deny access.

DS – Access Control Systems
This is a biometric finger print identification and smart card access control, time and attendance system designed for offices.
Integrated management of access control and the staff attendance with a 2.4 up to 4 inch LCD screen to display authentication results. DS – Access control systems can support registered finger prints from 2000 to 10,000 users with 100,000 event records. Stand-alone operations to locally add user, card and or fingerprint information without a computer.
Most models are fully accessible through LAN & Wi-Fi  from computer software remotely. With tampering alarm and duress alarm function available to connect the external RS-485 secure door control to avoid the door opening when the terminal is destroyed, this guarantees DS- Access control Systems capability to do the job.

This is a low cost stand-alone programmable access control system based on the GSC proximity tag.
It has a read-head, electronics, memory and relay circuitry that are contained in a robust housing allowing for simple and quick installation. ProxLock requires only 12V and a door strike which makes it the most affordable access control system. Depending on the model, the unit can store up to 120,500 or 2000 unique tags. The unit comes with 3 LED indication status.

Smart Guard Combination Keypad
This is a standalone durable and robust keypad which is weather proof with a backlit keys which makes it usable even in the dark. To grant secure access, a valid code is keyed in and access is denied when a wrong access code is keyed into the key pad.
The Smart Guard Combination keypad can accommodate up to 1000 unique codes with any user-defined length from 1 to 10 digits. This keypad has a “down counter” facility which allows selected codes to have limited number of uses, this is ideal for granting single occasion access for support staff, casuals or part time service providers. Being weather proof, this keypad can be mounted off the property like on gates and outside doors making it ideal for offices, hospitals, banks, schools, supermarkets, sports grounds etc.

Hotel Door Lock Solutions.
At Atlan Security & Systems, we design and install hotel locks depending on the hotel needs. Most of our solutions feature, The Lock, The Card, Software Used, Encoding system.
All these can be integrated with existing hotel management Systems to offer a secure and reliable environment for your guests.

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