CCTV & IP Cameras

Being client centric, our CCTV and IP camera solutions are pocket friendly which give you flexibility even if you are running on a budget. At Atlan Security & Systems we have tailor made solutions for CCTV and IP cameras for homes, hospitals, schools, factories, ware houses, public places, pharmacies, Embassies, supermarkets and many more.

Our experienced team is always on the look out to advise on which solution best suits your requirements.

Analog HD Cameras
Analog HD cameras capture analog video signals and transfer them to the Digital Video Recorder (DVR) via coax cables. The DVR converts the analog signals into digital which is then stored onto a hard disk drive for future retrieval or even play back. All Analog HD cameras be it bullet, dome or PTZ are connected to a DC power supply unit during installation.
Analog HD cameras are more affordable and easy to maintain. Available from 720, 1080p resolution with infra red or colorful light up to 40m in the dark.

IP cameras
Of recent, technology has advanced from analog to digital Internet Protocol Cameras, (IP cameras)  that can transmit and receive data over a network or the internet, these connect via Ethernet.
Being digital cameras, they transmit live video in form of digital packets across a network such as LAN (Local Area Network) or Wi-Fi over the internet which makes them easily accessible remotely via computer and smart phones and data storage can also be done remotely. they are relatively expensive as compared to Analog HD cameras.
IP cameras can also transmit data to the Network Video Recorder (NVR) via network cables or Wi-Fi, and stored onto a hard drive for future retrieval.

Off-site Monitoring
Take charge of your security, monitor your home, warehouse, hotel, business in the palm of your hands using a smart phone, a tab or even a computer all over the world. Our clients can access live footage, can play back recorded videos on their android phones, iPhone, black berry and windows phones off-site and in real time using the internet.

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